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  1. As we mentioned when you first install, move the endpoint out of the default policy and you have to restart, we are pretty sure that it has to do with the .Net 4.2 install. The ones that did not have to install the .Net 4.2 connected right away after being moved out of the default policy and .Net is more of a windows thing then Malwarebytes.... If we follow this everything works fine.
  2. We were able to get them working but needed to move any ones that were in the default policy to a new policy and "REBOOT" A few of them we had to uninstall and reinstall twice to get it to work We used the WEB installer
  3. We are seeing the same thing and we have already created a Non-Default policy and group. Seeing the same thing in each of the endpoints logs as well. All the endpoints show online but console gives us "Unable to retrieve endpoint agent information. If the problem persists, contact Malwarebytes support."
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