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  1. I reply appreciate the reply, but I hope that was all copypasta because I have already abandoned it. My CD drive and usb ports stopped working after I burned linux distros, so it was shutting down my whole pc I think. So far though, Mint is much like Windows so I'm good for now, plus I didn't realize I could still play Rocket League. Thanks a lot though, best wishes.
  2. Been dealing with this for a couple days to no avail...I first noticed a problem when I tried to run or install any AV, I got a "requested resource is in use" error across the board. I cannot open ANY version, including beta, of Malwarebytes, it shows that error. I followed this page to get anywhere, helped a little. I've tried every anti-malware and AV that I could open, so I've attached reports from Zemana, GMER, RKill, and aswMBR (tried to just burn the forest down). I cannot get Windows Defender Offline to work, I put in on a flash drive and booted it but it can't update. I DLd their update executable, ran it, still didn't work. I think I've found the main source of all this nastiness, a .sys file in my drivers folder that was created 7 days ago, has no search results on Google, and that I can't even touch. Can't modify it in any way, including permissions or killing it. ataqkjql.sys. The only progress I've made with it was that I "unloaded" it with PC Hunter, not sure what that means though and I still can't touch it after unloading it. I can't do some system things; Can't boot into diagnostic startup (when I select the radio button and hit Apply it selects the normal button), couple other things but I can't remember right now... I would REALLY like to fix it, I can't reinstall the OS because MS killed updates for my processor (bastards), and I refuse to get Win 10, and I never created any restore point unfortunately. Worst case I'll have to go with Linux. So any help at all would be really appreciated, thanks. GMER log.log aswMBR.txt Rkill.txt 2017.08.26-08.31.52-i0-t92-d1.txt 2017.08.25-23.31.11-i0-t92-d6.txt 2017.08.25-23.28.59-i0-t92-d6.txt
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