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  1. Well Malwarebytes believes in a layer approach, do they not? This is currently a layer that Malwarebytes is missing. Thanks for the suggestion of Hitman Pro. I have not used that since Sophos acquired it. As far as I am concerned, their anti-logging techniques are only offered in the Pro Alert paid version, too. I don't really need everything Hitman Pro has to offer, so Zemana anti-logger is a better choice for me. Also, you are correct about malicious keyloggers/etc, but you should also note that not all keyloggers are malicious. Encrypted keystrokes protects against any kind of key
  2. Hello. I am wondering if we will ever see anti-logging techniques in Malwarebytes, like what Zemana anti-logger does? I realize that Malwarebytes is capable of stopping keyloggers, click-jackers, spyware, etc, but I mean adding new layers like Secure SSL and Encrypted Keystrokes. This is pretty much the only reason I have left to continue using Zemana anti-logger with Malwarebytes. If Malwarebytes added these layers, I wouldn't need Zemana anymore.
  3. Attached is log and files for Cinematic Mod Awaken for Half-Life 2. These are all false positives. Cinematic Mod.rar False Positive.txt
  4. I am sorry I meant to say shield all exes. I know it doesn't "block" exes. I guess the answer would still be no, right?
  5. Hello. Is there a way to just block all exes with Malwarebytes anti-exploit? A simple search of forums and FAQ pops up with no results.
  6. Hello. Not entirely sure where this topic belongs to... Anyways, I know I don't have any say as to what the developers of Malwarebytes do with Malwarebytes, but I think Malwarebytes should look into acquiring TrojanHunter. Why? TrojanHunter uses rule base signatures that Malwarebytes currently doesn't. This is a nice layer to add to Malwarebytes. Recently, the project seemed to have halted development, so maybe the developers might be willing to pass it on to someone else. TrojanHunter homepage: http://trojanhunter.com/
  7. Hello. Are there any plans to combine this with Malware bytes so we can just have 1 product, like you guys did with anti-exploit and anti-ransomware?
  8. Well that is good to hear. I didn't think it was a big deal for Malwarebytes, anyways, but just wanted to make sure.
  9. Hello. I apologize if this has been discussed before, but a simple forum search popped up with nothing. Apparently, Ransomware are finding ways to avoid canary files, aka, the early detection for ransomware. I am curious as to how Malware bytes will respond to this? Source: http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/62068/malware/cerber-ransomware-canary.html
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