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  1. How can I scan a mapped network drive? I have a Qnap server. Running Windows 10 Pro 1803.
  2. Great. I think being able to run in the PE environment would be a great plus for ADWCleaner. In addition to running in a Win PE, the option of choosing which disk to scan would be very important. Just scanning the booted X: drive would do no good. You will need to be able to specify the PCs real OS boot disk. Thanks for the follow up. Here is hoping version 7.1 comes out soon. And please let me know. Regards, Bruce
  3. There seems to be no command line options to specify a different drive when run from a command line or run from a different say USB drive.
  4. I am running ADwcleaner from a booted Win10 PE DVD to trouble shoot an infected PC. It seems to only scan the booted X: drive. How do I specify the real OS C: drive or any other drive?
  5. I am having the same exact problem, but on Windows 7 Pro with all updates. MBAM I will try installing the latest update.
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