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  1. This is the response my friend received from Malware support. I want to know why they are selling two different programs , when Christopher says "the new keys" will work on both. Christopher (Malwarebytes Support) Aug 28, 09:58 PDT Hello Val, The new keys will work on both mac and PC, so if you purchase 3 seats you will be able to use it on all three computers. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Christopher | Malwarebytes Consumer Support | support.malwarebytes.com
  2. A friend of mine just recently spoke to the support team on Malwarebytes and they told him with the 'new keys' he could run either the malware for PC on the mac too now. Is this some thing new? If it is then why do they sell the different malware for the PC and the MAC Thanks for your responses.
  3. can you use malwarebytes for PC on a Mac computer or do you have to get Malwarebytes for Mac specifically?
  4. If I purchase malwarebytes 3 for my mac can that be used on a pc also or is the pc malware a different product to be purchased separately? I was recently told if you get one you will also get the other kind for your other computer. I was told if you get licensed to use one that would suffice for the other computer too. I am confused as I was told previously how you need different software for the pc . Please advise. Thank you kindly. Magdala
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