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  1. Day #8 and Malwarebytes Support still cannot associate my license with my account, and this after getting multiple responses - almost daily - from Support a couple of days after submitting my ticket, including this morning indicating that they're still working on the problem. Must be a really tough one to crack.
  2. Who said anything about being offended? I'm not offended. Taking offense implies some sort of personal affront -- that hasn't happened. Your Support Agent was in no way offensive to me and very polite as you point out. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that what I had originally requested in my support ticket has yet to be resolved -- My license is still not associated with my account -- and it's now been 5 days since I submitted my ticket! The only thing accomplished at this juncture is a confirmed acknowledgement from Support that I indeed purchased a lifetime license for Malwarebytes in October, 2012. I didn't need that confirmation because I already knew that! But it took Support 3 days to come to that conclusion. Here is where the Support Agent left off on Thursday: "I am working on getting the license to appear in your new portal profile and I will contact you again once I have confirmed this has been completed." Nothing, nada, zero, zilch has transpired since that last bit of communication. How in the world does it take Malwarebytes Support days (for some, weeks) to finish such simple tasks? It seems that the only way to get the attention of Support is to loudly complain on this (their) support forum for everyone to see? It also seems that many people wait until day five or six to start complaining and only then does anything start to happen. Since I've been down this road before with Malwarebytes, and have watched this pattern of non-response - complain - response over and over again, I'm not waiting five or six days before getting the ball rolling, and neither should anyone else! We are paying customers who are being required to prove that we actually are paying customers prior to getting any assistance because of the inept decision making on the part of the company's top brass! You may think that's the way loyal customers ought to be treated in your world, but that's not the case by any stretch of the imagination in my world. And for the record, I have been exceedingly polite and grateful to the Support Agent who was assigned to me, and I don't for a second think the problems I'm describing are the result of this individual's efforts or actions.
  3. My license is still not associated with my account, after confirming my license with receipt and directly dealing with support for several days now. Let's just see how long this takes. Please note: You're not going to get rid of me until you actually finish the job you said you would do. Remember, this is what Malwarebytes does best: 1. Create completely needless problems out of a lack of basic foresight and common sense. 2. Foist those created problems on paying customers without warning. 3. Blame thieves for all the difficulties that they (Malwarebytes) themselves created/enabled in the first place. 4. Force customers to prove they are in fact customers and not thieves...... due to the problems they (Malwarebytes) themselves created. 5. Make these customers -- who've just had to prove that they're not lying thieves -- wait days/weeks for a resolution. 6. And then have the nerve to tell us that we need to be patient. Wait for it..... "I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems"
  4. Barney: Ma'am, the reason I pulled you over is that you were speeding. Aunt Bee: Oh dear. I'm pretty sure I wasn't speeding. I was going 30 in a 30 mph zone. Barney: Ma'am, the speed limit is 25 mph. Aunt Bee: But the sign says the speed limit is 30 mph. Barney: No Ma'am, if you look closely on the back of the sign, toward the bottom, in 3 point font, buried somewhere in the 15th paragraph, it clearly reads that the speed limit is 25 mph. Aunt Bee: But you and Andy just told me last week that the speed limit was 30 mph on this road. Barney: I know, but we were just being nice and letting people temporarily exceed the real speed limit which is clearly stated on the back of the speed limit sign, at the very bottom, in 3 point font.... It's all there. We haven't changed anything.... Sorry! Aunt Bee: Why is this happening now? Barney: Because we've had too many non-residents in Mayberry, folks who don't pay taxes, using our roads and speeding at twice the limit, which would be 50 mph not 60 just so we’re clear... See, it’s right there, written down on the back of the sign, at the very bottom, in 3 point font. Aunt Bee: What does that even mean? Barney: Well, it means that we're revoking your driver’s license until we can determine whether you’re a resident of Mayberry, whether you’ve paid your taxes, and we’re towing your car, so you’ll have to walk back into town and straighten this out. Aunt Bee: What?! Are you crazy?! And stop calling me Ma’am! You know who I am. We all had dinner last night with you and Thelma Lou, Opie, Andy, Helen, and Gomer, which by the way I slaved over all day for you stupid people. I’ve had it! I’m done! Barney: I’m sorry Ma’am, but I’m just following the Sheriff's orders. Oh, and by the way, we’re a bit backed up by this. There’s a line of people around the block. So be patient and sorry for the inconvenience… but, you know, it’s all there on the back of the sign… at the very bottom… in 3 point font.
  5. Thank you, Ron. As I indicated in my original post: "My ticket number is 2663705" And yes, I did use another email address for security and privacy reasons.
  6. Maurice, I appreciate and thank you for the support you are trying to provide. And yes, I know you and a few others on this forum are volunteers. My comments aren't really meant for you or the other volunteers. I've been a Malwarebytes customer for over 10 years now, so in one sense I and many other loyal customers could be characterized as having the patience of Job...we're still here. Once again, this company has created far more work for themselves than was necessary and, once again, inconvenienced their paying customers in the process; all for the sake of some bad actors -- thieves. But hey, we all got an apology...once again.
  7. Folders checked. And what exactly is the "it" in "It is up to each user..."? How long they wish to wait for a response from support? That seems a bit odd.
  8. Thanks, but I had already read those two threads before posting. I created the ticket today. The reason I asked if it was going to take a week or longer to get a response is because Dtheofil apparently has been waiting (and may still be waiting) for nearly a week without support responding to his/her ticket.
  9. Similar issue to Dtheofil except that I haven't used the full version for well over a year. My ticket number is 2663705. So is it going to take nearly a week.....or longer to get a support response?
  10. And the boilerplate responses only magnify the anger. You have a massive PR disaster on your hands...don't add to it by patronizing your paying customers.
  11. Once again, the upgrade notification popups are back and nagging me to death. I've followed all the various instructions given here, which worked for the past month. But now every time I go through the routine and delete the instlrupdate folder, it simply re-populates over and over again. I need the registry entry that will prevent this from happening...PLEASE!
  12. Since marketing and legal departments run our corporate-infested world these days, I realize my plea will likely fall on deaf ears. But it needs to said, nonetheless. Please, please, please stop the incessant reminders for me to update to the latest version of Malwarebytes, which seems to pop up every single time I move my stinken mouse!!! Literally no other software on my computer intrudes upon my workspace like Malwarebytes, not even close. When I see these frantic popups on my screen, the first thing that comes to mind is SCAM, SCAM SCAM – RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY! When I've encountered such panicked notices in the past, my response is almost always: Ctrl, Alt, Del…Start Task Manager…Applications…shut everything down that's open, followed by rebooting. But alas, the frenzied pace of Malwarebytes popups trolling my workspace are unfazed! Intrusion is their choice, not mine. What genius thought that imitating the modus operandi of every predatory software since day one was a good idea, especially from a company that claims to protect consumers from such garbage? And yes, I do know how to turn off the notification for "full version updates" and I've now done that – thanks for asking. But WHY should I be forced to engage in such Orwellian deportments when the more reasonable course of action is to NOT bombard paying customers with intrusive nagging. This complaint has been around for years with Malwarebytes, and you still haven't learned your lesson. I'll make the choice to update when I see fit and not before, maybe never, and never is becoming more likely. Seriously, less is more. Learn it, love it and live it. Better yet, keep your marketing department away from the software controls. Your customers will be happier. I know, since when has that ever mattered?
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