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  1. WOW! Thanks, @Doctor9fan, it worked. I didn't know about that option.
  2. Well, @Doctor9fan I haven't tried that and I really don't know where should I look for my ID. Can you help me find my ID?
  3. Hi @nikhils I would be thankful if you could give me some great news about my license reset. I am just worrying because I haven heard anything from Malwarebytes Support team.
  4. Thanks, @nikhils I sent a message to Malwarebytes support team. Now waiting patiently for an answer.
  5. Dear Staff, I am aware of an issue. Basically, I reinstalled my windows too much often, I didn't know that I need to deactivate my license. So, Malwarebytes blocked my license. I would be thankful if you would reset my license key. P.S. I am kind of a perfectionist, it all started because of broken icons appearing in the start menu. Best regards, Reply soon Image:
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