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  1. ran it then im good now(I think) cleared out like, 25 malwares?? or prabably just files that is acting strange or what sped up my laptop tho, still waiting for clearance bcoz I ran a scan with free premium and it said im clear
  2. here it is system-log.txt mbar-log-2017-08-31 (17-51-45).txt
  3. It doesnt even run I Installed it, it even shows up in the programs on control panel I uninstalled it since it doesnt work, like, I click on it, nothing I run it as admin, nothing again and finally I run it using Command Prompt(admin) and it still dont work
  4. I dont have MBAM. I just downloaded it free and it doesn't even run I tried running it by Command Prompt Administrator and it don't run
  5. So I have this 'Temp' files in my windows folder and I dont know if this is a malware or something inside the 'Temp' folder I have many subfolders and applications with names here are some of the names: Folders:1.6CB1F574-F625-49C1-830B-8C54F5DE8BA7 2.7D8D418C-8391-40B8-9B00-29A179B9D84B 3.AF6666CB-F4D6-49ED-B8E7-BD13942C7C82 applications:1.{1DFE796C-0E04-4A77-86F6-5ECE11DE1951} 2.{1F04A3EA-17A2-4A65-BD35-1BAAF1E1848C} 3.{2AF06F42-95AE-4916-AFB3-6945EB6CF1A2} can somebody tell me if these are malwares or something I cant risk getting this laptop infected also
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