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  1. The blocks have stopped now. I did not expect to find this coming from MS Edge. Thanks to all for your help.
  2. The messages have stopped now but the history logs show clearly it was emanating from MS Edge and Malwarebytes did not like it. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Have run the support tool, file attached. Also screen print of the block message. This problem does not appear on my Surface Pro PC, only the desktop. I have always used IOBit uninstaller which monitors updates and Edge quite often show up as having changes to the registry, I would assume that these are security changes. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Latest Edge update is now giving a Malwarebytes blocking message about a site Goveyware-totickle.com Anyone any idea what this is about and is it safe as it is causing problems with Edge Bing browser
  5. Firefox Thanks for that. I did try the 'install application updates' but it said 'No updates available'. Anyway it is sorted now thanks to your link.
  6. Firefox Thanks for that heads up. Why does the programme say there are no updates when there are? Surely this is a problem with the programme that when it goes and looks for an update it does not see the ones that are waiting. This makes no sense to me. It should not need this forum process to let the user know when an update is available.
  7. Hello nikhils As I said I was using a mouse. I asked it if there was an upgrade and it came back telling me that it was up to date despite the Malwarebytes website saying there was a 3.1 version issued back in June I think. However the following day it came up that there was an update available and has now changed to version This version is working correctly and I can now select the appropriate drive in the custome scan configuration so the problem was obviously a bug in the previous version. Thank you for your prompt response and suggestion.
  8. I have version When selecting Custom Scan the details panel shows the drives available. It will not allow me to select drives using the mouse unlike all other options in Malwarebytes. The only way I can select any drives to scan is with the Tab key and then the four arrow keys. This seems very strange to me. Is this correct?
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