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  1. I have been using HitmanPro.Alert and it is great.....but I really hate how there is no way to truly tell the program to ignore an application it has arbirarily decided to block. I also hate that there is no option (other than uninstalling the program) to disable protection. IMO this is completely asinine as your power users can handle it and your average user (who would benefit from having mandatory protection) does not even know what anti-ransomware is. Please tell me that Malwarebytes AE has these options and I will switch today!
  2. Same is happening for me when running the issue scan in Malwarebytes Toolset, but in particular it hangs on "BITS - Creating BITS Job". I have the BITS service running and the service startup is at it's default of "Automatic (Delayed Start)" Cancelling the task does not do anything, it continues to hang.
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