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  1. Negative, only the systems where I did not deactivate the trial first.
  2. An update on this issue: I haven't been having this issue on subsequent machines. I stopped deactivating the however-many-day trial of the paid version before running the first scan, and the machines where I didn't deactivate the trial first do not have this issue. However, I have tried downloading the new version of malwarebytes to the problematic computers which has reactivated a trial, but there is no change on any of the machines which already had the stuck-scan issue.
  3. MBAMService.DMP The scan has been stuck for over approximately two hours scanning File System. There is no name for what file is being scanned, just the words "File System" in the field where the name of the file being scanned should be placed.
  4. Even when zipped, the dump file is 207 MB in size which is well over the 29 MB limit for attachments.
  5. The normal uninstaller has issues getting rid of Kaspersky completely, which is when I learned of this tool.
  6. Uninstalling Kaspersky (using Kaspersky's removal tool by the way) didn't change the outcome. The new check frst and mb-check is attached below. mb-check-results.zip
  7. Unfortunately, nothing appears to have changed. After starting a threat scan it's been stuck scanning startup items. At the time of this post it's over 20 minutes with the same number of items scanned. mb-clean-results.txt
  8. I'll start by noting that this issue does not exist on one machine, but several machines which are all on the same domain. However, not every machine on the domain has this issue. The machines all use either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Malwarebytes does not freeze. What happens is at some point during any point after scanning "startup items" the scan will suddenly appear stuck as the "number of objects scanned" will stop increasing. The scan timer will keep ticking the entire time, but no progress is being made. I can pause the scan, and when I resume the scan there is no change in prog
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