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  1. We want to deploy the anti-ransomware client onto all of our corporate desktops, completely silently. How can we do this, so that the 'your system is fully protected' notification window, is not displayed on a users screen when the install is completed. This is what is displayed, even when running the msi silently. We also want to prevent any start menu shortcuts being created during the install thanks
  2. Hi We cannot view any reports from the management console, we get the error: Server Error in '/active' Application. See the attached screen shot The same error happens when going to the web page to download the management console onto a workstation. This was working previously and there were not changes to IIS made on the managementserver, that we are aware of. It has since been rebooted, and also had IIS restarted. But the problem still exists, Any help out there would be great
  3. When we do a OU or network scan, only some machines are being discovered, and others are not. Here are some examples from logs. All the desktops here have the same firewall rules via gpo applied to them The 2nd log entry is from a server Any ideas or suggestions would be great! Info 2017-08-17 13:23:06.0359 1900 10 Thread [10] obtain an IP address by BDZT82S. Info 2017-08-17 13:23:06.0359 1900 10 Thread [10] was scanning: Info 2017-08-17 13:23:06.0359 1900
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