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  1. @malwreck Hi, Thanks for the reply, I am actually using bitdefender for mac, and have used malwarebytes license for another pc instead as to avoid using more than one antivirus on the mac. While Bitdefender for Mac seems to be very good, it does not have any firewall component as other mac antivirus solutions have. In regards to Windows however, which I also use Bitdefender, although it is a very good antivirus, it has caused issues on more than one time on my pc (I am certain of it, because once i disabled or uninstalled it, everything was working ok). I will problably e
  2. Hi, I currently have a valid license for malwarebytes for mac 3.0 and wanted to know if just having malwarebytes for mac 3.0 premium is enough to take care of all the security needs of a mac, or should i look for other antivirus to complement ? Does malwarebytes protect against phishing, malware url links and infected webpages or is it just an antivirus for mac , does it also include a firewall component?
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