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  1. sounds good, i know its not of the most importance but its a nice little graphical thing to have.
  2. wow, looks like ive got to get my posts up then
  3. lol everyone seems to think im asking for automatic updates... im not, and 2nd im using the paid version anyways so ye... im only asking for the program to update when u open it, not to update automatically every 2 hours for instance.
  4. yes, i just want to use MBAM for right-click scans and its a pain having to open MBAM manually, update it, THEN right-click and scan the file... because MBAM won't update itself when u launch the program, IMO it wuld be very simple to just add a little tick option to "update on program launch"
  5. so what im suggesting probly wont be included is basically what im getting? its a shame, its a very handy and simple feature that wuld make people who use MBAM PURELY as a right-click/ondemand scanner have a much easier time doing scans.
  6. i know it does, but thats on an interval, it wont update when ur doing just an ondemand scan which means u wont be using the latest signatures, it wuld be a good option to have MBAM be able to update as soon as u open it for people who use it simply for like right-click scanning.
  7. for the people who use MBAM simply as an ondemand/right-click scanner, i think it wuld be really helpful to have an option to "update on launch" cuz atm whenever i do a right-click scan, it uses the old signatures since it wont update on its own, that means i have to open MBAM ahead of time, update it THEN i can right-click scan with newest definitions, it wuld make it a lot easier to just have an auto update on program launch.
  8. paid version, and so ur saying that it leaves and entry but it doesnt actually start with the system if i disable it in the GUI? and what about the service? will the service still run at startup
  9. even when i uncheck the box for MBAM to NOT start with windows, MBAM is still listen under my startup programs, any ideas?
  10. thers a start protection button, but i think having it turn into a Stop Protection button once its enabled wuld be pretty nice to have for wenever u want to stop malwarebytes in realtime to try out some other realtime software instead etc without having to go into services and turn it off or having to uninstall it, or is ther already some way fo doing this?
  11. the next version really needs to have an update interval that the user can set instead of just 1 time a day that it updates, it wuld make it a lot better and give quicker access to updates. im hoping you wuld be able to include this in a future release
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