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  1. I got a message indicating that your help mailbox (no-reply@malwarebytes.org) was full - Reporting-UA: spike.malwarebytes.org; Dovecot Mail Delivery Agent Final-Recipient: rfc822; no-reply@malwarebytes.org Original-Message-ID: <4AF31C66.4030001@verizon.net> Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; deleted I had previously found a post somewhere in the forums that showed how to locate the IPs that Malwarebytes had rejected. I tried searching and all the search terms I could come up with were rejected (IPs and Log are only 3 characters). Bottom line; how do I find that log file? GarinP
  2. I've used this to test port forwarding for years without a single prblem of any kind. garinp
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