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  1. I got a new laptop, windows 10. I installed malwareybytes and used it without trouble. Then I installed a program called Freemake (using the link provided in the e-mail when I purchased it some time ago). About 10 minutes later, malwarebytes turned itself off and few seconds later closed itself all together. When I try to open malwarebytes again I get this error: Mbam.exe - system error The code execution cannot proceed because mbcut.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. I don't know if it's connected at all to installing Freemake, I used the full installation and did not uncheck anything. I am worried about being infected now even though searching Freemake on google says that it's a safe program that sometimes installs unwanted programs (in this case, how can I find out which programs it installed on my laptop?). Please help. Thanks! I will try to reinstall malwarebytes in the meantime.
  2. I read this link from 2015: The user stated that you should exclude certain files of MBAM in KTS in order to not have the 2 programs intervene each other. Questions: #1 Since I am installing malwarebytes 3.0 instead of MBAM, could someone tell me which files I need to exclude? #2 Can someone tell me how to do this? The link in that thread forwards to a tutorial on how to enable/disable Trusted Applications in KTS. Is that how it should be done? And wouldn't you need to have "Trusted Applications" enabled all the time in order for it to exclude the Malwarebytes files? If so, what are the downsides to having it enabled all the time? #3 Do I need to exclude the KTS files in Malwarebytes too? Thanks.
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