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  1. I'm glad I found this topic, as I thought the problems I was having, was due to the Latest Win10 1803 update. I too have had similar problems when updating Cyberfox (64bit) browser and Foxit PDF viewer (Free version). See Image for Cyberfox. There was no problems manually installing the latest versions of software over the old. I don't know if this is related, but I have also had a problem with a program called Essential PIM (See Image). I cured this problem by deleting the log file that was causing the problem, again I don't know if this is a MB issue or an Essential PIM issue, as both were updated about the same time.
  2. Quitting Malwarebytes ASAP after booting, seems to allow the PC to be used, as it frees up all the memory. I know it's hardly ideal, but at least the PC doesn't keep crashing (Fingers Crossed) until there is a fix/update.
  3. I've got exactly the same problem.
  4. I too have been having this problem for about 5 hours now. The problem happens with all the browsers I have. I have noticed that the problem seems to be website specific. e.g. there are loads of popups when going through my banks security questions.... A worrying time to get this sort of popup... I still get the feeling though that this is a false positive, at least I hope it is...

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