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  1. I created a PowerShell script a few months back to automate the repair of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and thought I would share. If you ever notice that your endpoints are not communicating with the Cloud or you have service issues etc, the script should be able to repair the issue remotely and silently. If there is an issue with the machines cloud config, I also programmed it to run the built in recovery tool ("C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\ConfigurationRecoveryTool.exe"). In my experience the script can resolve most of the issues I have encountered. Below is a screen shot of the script in action and I hope it is helpful! What it does: iterates through list of computer hostnames in a csv file and make sure the computer exists in AD check if the machine is online remote connect via PSSession make sure the cloud version is installed check if the update file still exists in a directory, if so there is a pending software update, your services will not run fully until you reboot the system check the two services start types and make sure they are set to automatic attempt to start the services if the MBEndpointAgentStatus service fails to start, run the Malwarebytes configuration recovery tool and attempt to restart the service again validates the computer can see the Malwarebytes cloud site Requirements: AD windows environment, PowerShell v5 and ps remoting must be enabled Instructions and code: https://github.com/taylornrolyat/Repair-MalwarebytesCloud
  2. You need to do this from the policy itself. Go to the policy, under the Windows tab, then settings, then Advanced Settings, see my example screen shot below. Then be sure that you turn the toggle switch off for that application.
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