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  1. MalwareBytes has made quite a bit off me in subscriptions over these last 2 years. First, I subscribed to their Malware bytes for a year with a discount. Then last year (2016), I decided to subscribe to their ANTI-EXPLOIT which at the time was SEPARATE from Malware Bytes, and they required me to pay another $86. ($28.66 per year). This year (they combined Malwarebytes and the Ant-Exploit into ONE License. (Mallware Bytes Premium) I chose the 3 year term August 31, 2016 for a 3 yr subscription for Windows PC. at Can $86.26 , (discounted from regular price of $96.86
  2. Daledoc1 mentioned on this forum in a previous post; "If you have a SUBSCRIPTION license purchased BEFORE Sept 1, 2015, it may be activated on "up to 3 PCs" at a time." MalwareBytes; Your CURRENT licensing policy is a ripoff to users such as me. I, as a private user have only 2 computers. One desktop and one Laptop as a backup. i don't use both at once. it grieves me bigtime to find out that I can only load and activate ONLY ONE OF MY COMPUTERS with my current 3 year license AT ANY SPECIFIC TIme i wish to use it. Other online protection software, (such as
  3. OK, now it is showing me PREMIUM 3.1.2 So I would think it has updated to give me the premium full version. thanks for all your help. this is a great forum.
  4. Ok, so finally I understand the licencing issue. I have two PC, a laptop and a desktop. One is a backup for the other. I only use ONE online, unless I have problems with it and have to switch PCs, I ONLY NEED ONE LICENCE. Right now, I have deactivated my malwarebytes on my laptop and it is being used only as an emergency spare. I have deactivated it on my PC laptop. I unloaded malwarebytes from my desktop, and reinstalled it again and entered the licence key, IT TOOK IT THIS TIME, but still shows me the PREMIUM TRIAL3.1.2 VERSION. When do I expect to see this
  5. I agree with you Megman1. I just went through the SAME problem. When you are buying the licence, there is a counter that you need to manually increment to "2" (devices). if you don't, then it sets up a charge for 1 PC only and the licence will NOT apply your second PC. In my case I have a laptop and a desktop. Norton at least allows you to use your licence key for up to 3 PCs. Malwarebytes wants to charge you for each PC.
  6. cleverbridge reference: 117126289 Order for Malwarebytes Premium paid on August 7, 2017 2yr subscription Your Products Quantity Product name Delivery 1 Malwarebytes Premium 2 Year Subscription Download ** Further action required ** See activation instructions below Yo
  7. I'm having trouble activating a licence on my second computer. it tells me that the licence key is no good, yet I just paid for 2 yr subscription good for 728 days..what gives?
  8. I have the same problem (Win 7 ultimate). I had a 3 year subscription to MalwareBytes anti-exploit that was supposed to be good to Sept 01,/2019. Recently my MalwareBytes Premium expired, and I paid again for a licence for 2 year subscription (728 days) until the same time in 2019. The confusion is that the Malware Bytes anti-exploit was a Beta offering, and now they claim it's functionality is now folded into the MalwareBytes Premium 3. So in essence, I have paid FPR DOUBLE paid subscriptions. and since MalwareBytes anti-exploit Beta is not running anymore, I have overpa
  9. I have a 3 year subcription to MalwareBytes anti-exploit Premium since 8/31/16. It cost me 86.26 Can. I can only get the first 10 digits of my licence key : GNYM-EZ25 (or maybe the 5 is an S?) Where do I get the full licence key for my records?
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