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  1. So i have cleanserp as my search engine on google chrome , i need help to remove it, i unistalled chrome then installed it again, its still here i cant click on Delete this search engine it wont let me for some reason. I tryed to find it in control panel (unistal programs), i couldnt find anything unordinary that wasnt before there. I realy dont know how i got it, im extremly carefull while searching web, my ADblocker is constantly working. I heared its sort of malware, so i tought maybe some1 could help me get it out of my website. Also i should say that your program couldnt detect it and my
  2. I have Alcatel Idol 3, i had instagram on it before, account connected to facebook, but one day my facebook got infected by instagram virus, porn images started poping on my profile, weired msgs to evrybody, images had link below, in link it mentioned instagram, i dont remember link correctly it was few months ago, but now i want to create instagram profile all my friends are using it. Im worried this will happan again. What can i do to prevent it? and How would i detect it and remove, i have your program on my phone but it shows no infected programs or malwares. I had to delete my facebook ac
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