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  1. Hi. Since the new 3.x version i've been experiencing this issue. It does not happen everytime but it does most of the time, whenever i need to reboot or shutdown my computer, with windows 10, i see the screen with the rolling balls saying shuting down or rebooting and then it just freezes and stays like that forever. I need to reset or keep the power button pressed. I assume this is because malwarebytes, i already tried to unninstall it multiple times and when i do that, those freezes no longer happen. I really like malwarebytes but i cant have my computer crashing like this everytime. I'll place my mbamservice log. The last time i had to shutdown the computer was in the 6AM events in the log. I even did it twice, and in one of them i closed the program before shutting down my computer, it still happened. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
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