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  1. I did the clean install but that did not fix it. Then i tried something else, i removed my license and with the software like that, with no premium features on, i had no issues and have rebooted several times now. Could this be a conflict between the real-time protections with something else? I also have windows defender with windows 10. I will do the other step you mentioned, just wanted to update with this new info.
  2. Hi. Since the new 3.x version i've been experiencing this issue. It does not happen everytime but it does most of the time, whenever i need to reboot or shutdown my computer, with windows 10, i see the screen with the rolling balls saying shuting down or rebooting and then it just freezes and stays like that forever. I need to reset or keep the power button pressed. I assume this is because malwarebytes, i already tried to unninstall it multiple times and when i do that, those freezes no longer happen. I really like malwarebytes but i cant have my computer cra
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