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  1. @Porthos Well, so the problem appeared again, as soon as any malware got onto my pc. And the avira still detects malwarebyte :/ After I restart pc and do the scan again the malware seems to be gone tho Does it mean that the application actually worked ? I did some screenshot from my settings as you asked : https://gyazo.com/79d44ec9fa9911e094bcc4d9a0e7754d https://gyazo.com/7819ed7833b6655ce991660dcde6b81c unfortunetly I can't afford even one years subscription for now, so I need to somehow deal with free version for now :/
  2. @PorthosIs there any way to make this testing faster ? Haha because the reason I replied so late is because it's pretty difficult to test this settings. If not, I would need to wait for next malware to get into my pc
  3. I'm sorry but after multiple attempts I still have the detection issue :/ https://gyazo.com/df93cd127584576bac6a54249db0393f Is there any chance that despite the registry blocked detection, malwarebytes still manages to work fine ?
  4. There you go hope this logs will help somehow mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Well as you can see : https://gyazo.com/25175863bce6f992f50dc84b541f34ae it still didn't fix my issue unfortunately :/
  6. Just to be clear, are you sure adding so many exceptions is necessary and safe ? I mean, I hope you understand that I just want to make sure that my pc is safe and I might have some suspicions EDIT : Furthermore, it didn't help at all even after restarting my pc and adding all the exceptions :/ https://gyazo.com/25175863bce6f992f50dc84b541f34ae
  7. Hey guys ! So, when I'm trying to use malwarebyte and avira together, after scanning with malwarebyte I get a error from avira that it blocked access/changes to my proxy/files in my directory. It's probably because malwarbytes tried to clean up some malware from my pc. ' Is there any way to add malwarbytes to "allowed" or "exceptions" in avira ? so that it can complete the whole process ?
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