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  1. Yes, I followed those instructions exactly. I had the client try to change the home page, switch to another tab before pressing return and then confirm the home page change. When he confirms the home page change, it is switched back to weknow.ac.... I posted to find some other options. I have successfully removed this malware from Chrome by following the instructions posted in the forum so I am familiar with this malware. It's just the last step of changing the home page that isn't working. Are there other options? If not, I will have to create a new profile for this client. I thought I would get some other options in this forum. I rely on MWB to protect Macs.
  2. Yes, I did follow the instructions under "If Safari's home page is stuck." I can change the home page but when I go back to screen, it has immediately changed back. I did not know that the Allow button could not be clicked over Teamviewer. Will have the client click it next time. Still, Malwarebytes is not totally removing the malware.
  3. Client has a Mac and downloaded a fake Adobe Flash update. I have removed all remnants except the home page in Safari. It can be changed but then immediately switches back to weknow.ac. This does not happen in a new profile. Also, when installing Malwarebytes, I cannot change the system preferences page to allow Malwarebytes access to turn on real time protection. Removal steps so far: Install Malwarebytes - cannot do final step of updating System Preferences. Clicking "allow" does nothing Removed 2 AdminPref profiles Removed extensions from Safari and Chrome Removed any rogue applications Reset Safari
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