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  1. Hi exile360, Thanks for that offer -- who knows what might crop up in the future, I shall certainly bear the Forum in mind. I do think MB need a bit of a shake up in the way they appear to go about things. Good luck for the future. Ian
  2. Hi exile360, Thank you. I have just received an email from Cleverbridge informing me my renewal is cancelled from 21st May. They put little or no effort into resolving the matter so, what with the hassle of MB and the non-help from Cleverbridge, I actually feel well out of it. Thanks again for your repeated offers of assistance - a great pity the others weren't as helpful. Best regards, Ian
  3. Hi exile360. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The image formats I tried were .jpg and .png, so if neither of those are acceptable to the site it's a bad look out. (Average 3-500Kb file size) I have reaffirmed my request with Cleverbridge and, if that doesn't bear fruit, I shall just continue with a cancellation. The amount of time I have wasted so far is well in excess of the time spent on other, more complex and higher value software, and simply makes MB a product which is not good value. Thanks for your offers of help etc., they are greatly appreciated but, if
  4. Hi exile360, I really do appreciate your efforts on this. I have already been on that page (about 5 times this afternoon) but when it came to attaching the screen-shot image files to illustrate the failures, that too refused to accept the file(s) -- or at least gave no visible sign that they had been accepted. I assumed that to be as a result of my not being logged in. I tried attaching a variety of images, just in case the originals were "rogue" in some way, but all were treated similarly. I have passed the whole thing to Cleverbridge and asked for their help so it is
  5. Hi exile360 Thanks for your response. When my password was not recognised, I went through the process of "creating" an Account, but was told (quite correctly) I already existed -- so I was just banging my head against a brick wall again in regard to password. With all the aggro at the beginning of the year with the faulty upgrade and now all this messing about with non-working links, I think I shall just quit and go elsewhere. Thanks again, Ian
  6. Hi Everyone. Please ignore this request for help -- I am taking an alternative route. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I have today received a Subscription Renewal email from MalwareB in which there are a couple of links to assist in the management of my intentions. EXCEPT NONE OF THE LINKS WORK. I responded to the email, and submitted screen-shots of the Link failures --- only to find it is a "No-reply email address --- Time wasted. I then logged in to the Malware site with a view to setting my requirements via "My Account" --- Malware website doesn't recognise my password. I use the "Forgotten Password" facility which only provides a Security Question and offers no "We'll send yo
  8. Hi screamer, Well, that is way outside of my knowledge zone, so all I can do is to wish you all the very best --- although I've just noticed an intervention from AlexSmith into your problem He is the Guy who sorted mine, so you are in good hands. Good luck, Ian
  9. Porthos, Jumping the gun a bit aren't you?? I said it can encourage discussion - I did NOT start a discussion, nor did any discussion on the subject transpire.
  10. Hi lock, Thanks for posting that as I felt 99% I had been so advised in the past -- but there's always someone going to disagree I suppose. Anyway, thankfully my MB appears to be working flawlessly again so, until the next time ----- Thanks again. Ian
  11. Porthos, My comment on MB running alongside Defender was merely an observation based on what I THOUGHT I had heard, or been told, at some time. -- The use of the "?" tends to imply a differentiation between fact and speculation, perhaps encouraging discussion on the subject too. Disabling of MS Updates was a statement -- NOT ADVICE. -- It was included as an explanation as to why I could not respond to JGarnett's system updates having been wiped out The further information on updating was simply an adjunct to that already stated and was NOT a recommendation.
  12. Hi JGarnett, I just ran the update and it appeared to perform OK -- albeit it returned a "no updates available" message. I thought Microsoft (or Malwarebytes) advised against the running of Defender when other spyware/malware detection was being used? I certainly haven't used Defender for well over a year now. I have also disabled ALL Microsoft updates (system and otherwise) and have a much healthier, efficient, and trouble-free system as a result. Last Microsoft update I did was for Service Pack 1 and, apart from Microsoft Word and Excel, have removed everything "Micr
  13. Hi Lock, Brilliantly spotted -- many thanks !!!! Ian ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hi AlexSmith, I have followed your instructions by installing the latest version. The latest set of version/update numbers are displayed on the attached screen-shot. I look forward to seeing how MB performs throughout the remainder of the day and, more particularly, on start-up tomorrow. Ian
  14. Just an update on my earlier post. Thanks to a completely unrelated circumstance it was necessary for me to reboot my machine. Yes, you've guessed it --- MB loaded correctly, and without any human intervention too. It (MB) has been put on notice that, should it fail to load and run properly tomorrow morning ----- the big "Programme Eraser" will be implemented and MB will be no more, even if it means reformatting the drive to achieve it !!!!! Ian PS -- Screen shot of version numbers etc enclosed.
  15. Hi All, Well, after a day of absolute turmoil yesterday, thanks to this rogue update that was pushed at us by Malwarebytes, I retired to my bed believing I had a resolved and working version of MB when I closed down last night -- Not So!! This morning, on starting my PC, I get an "Unable to Connect the Service" message. Having reached the end of my tether as regards this Programme, I decided to Uninstall it and go find an alternative. However, running MB's own Uninstall programme results in a message of ---- "unins000.dat could not be opened. Cannot unistall" The file
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