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  1. Checked my pc with adwcleaner yday : no threats checked today (without installing anything new etc) and i get this https://imgur.com/a/rxQPO3U False positive or not? and if not --> what is it? thanks for help
  2. same "problem" here,i suspect a false positive...confirmation?
  3. Hey didnt get any detection with 7.2 then updated to 7.2.1 and got those here as detections: " ***** [ Registry ] ***** PUP.DownloadProtect.Heuristic HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\POLICIES\GOOGLE\Update PUP.DownloadProtect.Heuristic HKLM\SOFTWARE\POLICIES\GOOGLE\Update " false positive or not? and if not,what is it? thanks!
  4. is there any difference for my system if i dont restore it tho? if it isnt used anyhow i might aswell dont restore it as its one restart less for me?
  5. ány update to what the detect is exactly? i still didnt restore them from quarantine yet as theres no additional information if you should or not and what it is
  6. alright,what exactly is it for? what is its purpose? cheers again,im rather curious ?
  7. or well put differently...is there even a reason to restore them tho? my pc seems to work fine like before even with them being in the quarantine,whats the function of these false positives (i assume they are?)
  8. so it indeed was a false positive yes? was it connected to the windows updates between the 6.6 and 14.6 just being curious here. and they will not be detected with the new database anymore right?
  9. i still have the two detected files in the quarantine. so is it a false positive or not? so should i restore them or not? cheers
  10. that is wrong,i have 1709 on both machines that had it detected.
  11. thanks for the answer,ill let it stay in the quarantine until then. i use 3 pcs in my household and all 3 had it occur so it is indeed kinda weird. (but they all had a windows update between this new adw release and it being detected,so as stated above maybe the new windows updates enabled this false posivite because it didnt get detected before the windows update.) what is the thing detected if one may ask? appreciated.
  12. i will just let them sit there for now and wait as my pc works fine without restoring them i dont need to take "the risk" to restore them in case it isnt a false positive (but im fairly certain it is.) now we can only wait
  13. i see but wel as i said restoring -> restart -> scan again does not detect them either so as i said above i expect it to be a false positive i jusst dont know if you should restore them or not IF theyre still in quarantine (my case for example)
  14. well i just tried a bit if you restore them then restart the pc and scan after that again then adwcleaner wont find these 2 aswell so im not sure (if you just restore them without restarting before the next scan,then adwcleaner will detect them again and report it.) so i suppose you restarted after restoring them and thats why they are not found (not because you re downloaded adwcleaner) - true? because adwcleaner has not been updated since my last installation(installed 7.6 and last update was 6.6) so i doubt that a new install fixed it and just assume you did a restart in between aswell which results in the two not being detected anymore ill just guess this is a false positive that got "enabled" with the last windows updates - because they were exactly between the time of 6.6 and today and atleast for me thats the only thing i changed on my system OR downloaded
  15. got those on 2 computers aswell 5days ago i didnt have them,didnt instal or update anything now i got them on both pc's what are they? or a false positive? to restore or not to restore?
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