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  1. Windows updates had been manually checked just a day or two before this began. I had been following instructions from bleepingcomputer on removing smumi.club and they didn't mention unistalling ZAM before running MBAM. Uninstalling ZAM solved my problem with MBAM.. As far as smumi.club, after signing out of Chrome, exiting and restarting Chrome, and then signing back in, I seem to have eliminated it.(fingers crossed) Thanks for your assistance.
  2. No notes were able to be taken from from the BSOD as there is some setting some where (presumably in the BIOS) that makes it automatically reboot faster than anything can even be read. · OS - Windows 7 · x64 · Windows 7 · full retail version · Age of system - 10 years? · Age of OS installation 5? 6? years - have you re-installed the OS - Yes when I replaced the HDD with an SSD · CPU AMD Turion(tm) II P540 Dual-Core Processor, 2400 Mhz · Video Card AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 · MotherBoard - laptop · Power Supply - laptop · System Manufacturer HP · Exact model number DV7
  3. I'm usually pretty good bout protecting myself, but....I let my self get infected with smumi.club. I have attempted to follow all instructions to the letter for removal. The one part I had to skip was when I used the trial of Malwarebytes when it started to scan the memory I got a brief BSOD and then a reboot. Since I wasn't watching closely at the time, I had to repeat it to verify. the next time I let it skip the memory test and all "seemed" to go well (of course it didn't). In trying variations, running MWB in Safe Mode w/Networking the memory test completes normally, but file scan res
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