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  1. Hi @lmod and @magnet0, Our developers are doing their best to provide a solution for the known BSOD/GSODs. Currently, the suggested action is to stay with MB 3.4.5 until MB 3.5 is released. Thanks for the help with our Beta build!
  2. No worries, thanks @Soozy! I have reported your finding to the team.
  3. Thanks for reporting this issue @Soozy. If you have a core dump in this location c:\windows\memory.dmp, can you please compress this file with 7zip and provide the download link with wetransfer.com? Would be greatly appreciated and helpful for our development team.
  4. I am currently transferring your dump files to the development team. Thanks!
  5. Hi, please check your message inbox, I sent my email address to you about 50 minutes ago. Let me know if you did not receive it, I can send it again. Thanks @lmod.
  6. @lmod Sounds good. Appreciate your time and effort.
  7. Hi @lmod, Thanks for reporting your issue. Based off your mbst-grab-results logs, I saw a memory.dmp being logged in the FRST logs. Can you please check again to see if there are any core dumps in your C:\Windows\ and for minidumps in your C:\Windows\Minidump\? They will be crucial in assisting our developers for creating a fix. If found, please compress the dump file using 7zip and upload it to www.wetransfer.com send me a direct message with the URL. Thanks.
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