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  1. Cerberus is STILL an Malwarebytes for Android false positive. It is not possible to end up with this app accidentally or as part of another install. You have to buy it, just as with Malwarebytes Premium for Android. Either flag both as PUPs for removal or neither. As it is, no one can trust the results of Malwarebytes for Android.
  2. > The Cerberus detection is warn people who might have it installed without their knowledge, apps like this can be used to spy or stalk people. It's classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and people who knowingly installed and are aware of its power can ignore the detection and add to MBAMM's scanner Whiitelist. < If you are going to classify Cerberus, a program you pay for to track your phone, I would assume that you also flag the free Google apps they install on Android that continually try to read your address book, read your mail and sell it to spammers, and have a Timeline keeps track of every move you make. I want them flagged as PUPs. Unless you have evidence that Cerberus is selling us out, you are crooked by flagging this app. It never gets install accidentally or as a hitchhiker for other programs.
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