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  1. When I ran the so-called support tool, it took 1/2 hour to get to the Zip files stage. Then it failed. I tried several times, but it always failed, saying there was a problem gathering the logs. I emailed support, but no answer yet.
  2. Same problem here - won't connect at all. Reinstalled and rebooted. I tried the so-called support tool, but all that did was run for 1/2 hour and made me reboot. Upon coming up, I see that it uninstalled MB Anti-Malware, NOT the MB Privacy that was giving me the problem. I had to reinstall MB Anti-malware. The MB Privacy issue is still there - it will not connect. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling TunnelDriver.msi, but that did not help. I submitted a ticket (#3093339 ), but I cannot figure out how to edit it to add in all this information such as the Support Tool uninstalling MB An
  3. This is really getting to be annoying. Previously I found that if I executed net stop MBAMService net start MBAMService that the file locking problem would go away. So I put these commands in a scheduled job to execute at 2:30 AM every day. Now even that has not been working because the service ended up in a persistent "Stopping" state. I had to forcefully kill the service.
  4. Although I first experienced this problem doing compilations, it is not a compiler issue. I was using a Borland compiler. People just notice it when compiling because they create so many files. I saw MBAM keeping extraneous handles to files not related to compiling. You can see if your MBAM is getting handles by using the handle utility from SysInternals, docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/handle. Using that I found over 30,000 handles for one file alone. As I stated above I now restart MBAMService by a scheduled job every day at 2:30 AM. I ran into the problem
  5. I did the above and sent you the dump on 08/02/17. Any progress? UPDATE: I ran into this problem on my wife's machine tonight. Her machine is a Windows 10 Pro machine recently installed. Mine is an old Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I was grabbing some files from my machine using FreeFileSync running on her machine. Several of the files got locked by MWB. It was only after I stopped and started MBAMService that I was able to use those files.
  6. I had the very same problem, but I was using C++ Builder on my Windows 7 64-bit PC. I put that program in my exceptions list and it went away for me. I also found that if I stopped and restarted MBAMService.exe, that the locks would go away. HOWEVER, I found out later that MB was locking a LOT of files. I ran into the same problem tonight just trying to move some files around. When I checked tonight using Process Explorer, I found that MBAMService.exe had 28,345 handles including 10,000 handles on one file alone!!!! That is patently ridiculous. Malebox has been having his prob
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