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  1. So I assume nothing is broken by the "Decline" choice and that will merely hide duplicate warnings for him. I, on the other hand, could get duplicate warnings, but that at worst is just a distraction. It seems I need not do anything since nothing is seriously broken. Do I have that right?
  2. Recently I have gotten a Windows 10 popup asking something like "Do you want MB to be able to access or control other applications" or something like that, and it gives me the choice to Block or Allow. I assumed I would and selected Allow, but my step-son clicked "Block". Does that break something, and how can I reverse that choice for him?
  3. I never used the Kill switch option, so that is not the problem. I restored the defaults in the "Exploit Protection/Advanced Settings" and that did not work. I completely uninstalled Privacy using the Revo Pro uninstaller, and then I reinstalled Privacy as administrator. It did not work. I restored the defaults in the "Exploit Protection/Advanced Settings" again, and that did not work. I collected the logs and am including them here. It tries to connect for about 45 sec and then shows me this: While it is trying to connect, this shows in Network Connections: When I check the Status, this is what I get for mbvpn: Note that it says "No network access"
  4. Saphir, This has been ongoing for me since June 26. I have uploaded logs with their tool against my ticket 3093339 and reinstalled newer versions many times, but still no luck. If you find out the cause, please let me know and I will do the some for youl.
  5. When I ran the so-called support tool, it took 1/2 hour to get to the Zip files stage. Then it failed. I tried several times, but it always failed, saying there was a problem gathering the logs. I emailed support, but no answer yet.
  6. Same problem here - won't connect at all. Reinstalled and rebooted. I tried the so-called support tool, but all that did was run for 1/2 hour and made me reboot. Upon coming up, I see that it uninstalled MB Anti-Malware, NOT the MB Privacy that was giving me the problem. I had to reinstall MB Anti-malware. The MB Privacy issue is still there - it will not connect. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling TunnelDriver.msi, but that did not help. I submitted a ticket (#3093339 ), but I cannot figure out how to edit it to add in all this information such as the Support Tool uninstalling MB Anti-Malware which had been running fine. MB Privacy works just fine on another Win10 PC that is connected to the same router, so the router is not the issue.
  7. This is really getting to be annoying. Previously I found that if I executed net stop MBAMService net start MBAMService that the file locking problem would go away. So I put these commands in a scheduled job to execute at 2:30 AM every day. Now even that has not been working because the service ended up in a persistent "Stopping" state. I had to forcefully kill the service.
  8. Although I first experienced this problem doing compilations, it is not a compiler issue. I was using a Borland compiler. People just notice it when compiling because they create so many files. I saw MBAM keeping extraneous handles to files not related to compiling. You can see if your MBAM is getting handles by using the handle utility from SysInternals, docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/handle. Using that I found over 30,000 handles for one file alone. As I stated above I now restart MBAMService by a scheduled job every day at 2:30 AM. I ran into the problem on both my W7 machine and my wife's W10 machine, so I suspect the problem could be very widespread.
  9. I did the above and sent you the dump on 08/02/17. Any progress? UPDATE: I ran into this problem on my wife's machine tonight. Her machine is a Windows 10 Pro machine recently installed. Mine is an old Windows 7 Ultimate machine. I was grabbing some files from my machine using FreeFileSync running on her machine. Several of the files got locked by MWB. It was only after I stopped and started MBAMService that I was able to use those files.
  10. I had the very same problem, but I was using C++ Builder on my Windows 7 64-bit PC. I put that program in my exceptions list and it went away for me. I also found that if I stopped and restarted MBAMService.exe, that the locks would go away. HOWEVER, I found out later that MB was locking a LOT of files. I ran into the same problem tonight just trying to move some files around. When I checked tonight using Process Explorer, I found that MBAMService.exe had 28,345 handles including 10,000 handles on one file alone!!!! That is patently ridiculous. Malebox has been having his problem since June 20 and has complied with their onerous debugging process. Others are also complaining. It seem obvious MB is not going to be much help here, but I have a suggestion and will be trying this myself: Add a scheduled job that runs at, say, 3AM that executes these two commands net stop MBAMService net start MBAMService I just tried net stop MBAMService from a command line and then I was then immediately able to move my folder around. The handle count is now 2034. The MB people should be working harder on this. Why can't they just run Process Explorer on their machines and when they see MBAMService.exe with 28,345 handles fix this thing themselves?
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