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  1. When I ran the so-called support tool, it took 1/2 hour to get to the Zip files stage. Then it failed. I tried several times, but it always failed, saying there was a problem gathering the logs. I emailed support, but no answer yet.
  2. Same problem here - won't connect at all. Reinstalled and rebooted. I tried the so-called support tool, but all that did was run for 1/2 hour and made me reboot. Upon coming up, I see that it uninstalled MB Anti-Malware, NOT the MB Privacy that was giving me the problem. I had to reinstall MB Anti-malware. The MB Privacy issue is still there - it will not connect. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling TunnelDriver.msi, but that did not help. I submitted a ticket (#3093339 ), but I cannot figure out how to edit it to add in all this information such as the Support Tool uninstalling MB Anti-Malware which had been running fine. MB Privacy works just fine on another Win10 PC that is connected to the same router, so the router is not the issue.
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