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  1. To answer your question, no I didn't install anti-virus, never have before...never had a virus before....until today, now i am running the freeware antivirus from sourceforge and peerguardian is my backup also now...
  2. Yeah, it was inconvenient since i accidentally purchased the upgrade version of win7, so i had to reinstall vista, the upgrade to win7 again....annoying. But on the upside MBAM is working nicely...
  3. p.s. i think i might have found the root of the problem with the spyware crap...greatfeedmill will hijack through I.E. then move to Firefox...
  4. Not here unfortunutely, don't know if this is where i should post it but, Im running Win7 pro Retail (JUST INSTALLED) , I can install MBAM loads up fine, then as soon as I start a scan it just fades into the background.(No processes left or anything.) Strange thimg is as soon as I installed Win7 I immediately got a rootkit or something and I've never had a virus in my life. Whenever I try and click on a link through google it re-directs me to a STOPZILLA crap buying site. But as long as I put the URL i want directly into the address bar it works...It redirects me to greatfeedmill.com then to a
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