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  1. Hi guys, I have recently renewed my subscription (which I no longer needed) and was wondering how to ask for a refund AND how to cancel my account from being renewed again. I read in the Forum however I noticed that we have to submit a ticket to Malwarebytes or something of the sort as there is no option to ask for a refund nor cancel the renewal when accessing my Malwarebytes bytes account (they don't make it easy, do they ). Hopefully someone can help. thanks!
  2. https://fil.email/bg2c3HTm I think you will be able to see it with the above file...I did a scan now and the bloody things are back. Let me know if you can see it...at least I now know the softwares that are triggering this to happen: Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft ExcelGoogle ChromeLine AppViber AppChatstack MessengeriVMS-4200 (Camera software)It has to be one of these...I will go ahead and open one by one and then scan to see if I can identify which one is triggering those 2 files in case you can not see it in the log...but I reckon you will see it now.
  3. Yes, I have done the deleting part...Malwarebytes quarantines them, restarts the laptop...I then deleted them...I did that every single time...what I did not do was deleting the register, let me try that.
  4. I just did a scan and yes, they are back Shortcut.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. I just noticed my AVG PC TuneUp did not start with windows, I had to manually open it. https://fil.email/HzCy4OfX
  6. I don't know if this has anything to do with those 2 things on my laptop, but I can not copy and paste text and when I try to copy something from the calculator, it crashes and simply closes the app. I tried resetting it to now use.
  7. I ran rkill, then adwcleaner_7.2.0 and then Malwabytes...removed those 2 entries...restarted the computer...ran everything again, now it is showing clean - as it happened before. I opened ProcessMonitor as you recommend and now what? I leave it open all day until those bad entries reappears?
  8. here you go Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  9. let me try your latest request...the nothing there above was the Kaspersky
  10. Hi Ron, Thanks for your patience and help. The only security software applications I have are Malwarebytes and Kaspersky (and the default Windows defender from windows 10)
  11. Same thing...it detected those 2 things
  12. That is weird...I never (like in NEVER EVER) use IE. I will try that and get back to you, thanks.
  13. Please see attached files. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  14. Thanks Ron, looking forward to your reply.
  15. I quarantined the items and then deleted then...I did a scan once again and all was well, it did not find anything BUT I have done that before and the files reappeared after a few days...I will monitor it and do another scan tomorrow and the days after that until it happens again - hopefully it won't anymore. Is my laptop at risk?
  16. Please restart the computer. DONE Then run a Full Scan with Kaspersky again and if it finds anything let it remove it. DONE, IT FOUND NOTHING. Then restart the computer again and do another scan with Malwarebytes and let me know if the same detection is there or not. DONE, YES, IT DETECTED THE SAME THING AS PER ATTACHED PHOTO. :(
  17. Do you recommend keeping Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and run it from time to time along with AdwCleaner ?
  18. I did another scan and the problem returned
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