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  1. Ok. Thank you so much for your assistance. Have a good evening.
  2. Well, nonetheless, I did a rootkit scanner with y'all's software and it removed them. My question is, will they ever stay away, or will I have to scan my laptop every week or so to ensure it stays unaffected?
  3. Just did a scan with rootkit and 6 things were on it. lovely... will these ever go away??
  4. UPDATE: It did not boot me, and it prompted to restart the system, which I did. I think I am in the clear now! Update update: It is completely clean now! Thank you so much for your assistance!
  5. Ok! I am doing that now and it did not even prompt anything to press "cancel" for. (update: the second boot-up after it fixed everything prompted it, so I canceled that update) It says there are 4 elements that need to be removed; Let's hope it does not boot me into the great blue yonder in a moment!
  6. Luckily mine did not come with a bunch on it, but I wouldn't've complained if it had, I am not a picky person, but I do like Malwarebytes quite a bit more now that I have tried the premium out! (I wish I was able to transfer the free 2 year school-provided AVG software onto this one, but it is stuck on my craptop that the good ol college gave me before I graduated. That thing gave up living a month after I left that school, it was hilarious and yet so sad.)
  7. I saw a couple other people mention this a few threads ago in response to the azurewebsites,com situation. I ran AdwareCleaner on my laptop (new Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Starlord) and when it was finished scanning, it said there were 6 items detected (yet only 3 on the list below that notification, and so, like any normal person, I clicked to remove them. This prompted a "do you want to exit out of your things" message, so I agreed, and BAM! Blue Screen of : ( popped up on my screen. Restarted the computer, and the items were still not removed after a second scan. How am I to remove these pesky adware things (If they are not false positives?)
  8. Thank you so much! I just got this laptop last Friday (thank you tax-free weekend) and I was getting worried that something had happened to it! I will definitely start a new topic over there! Thank you again for your help. Insomnia and already normally nervous tendencies do not mix with a new laptop!
  9. I kept having MWB pop up that a website was being blocked from Azurewebsites.net when I was not even moving around in my browser (was playing a game, but had browser up on my work site) It has popped up a few times today, but it seems to have only been today that it was appearing. What is happening? Also, I tried to clean my laptop with ADWcleaner and when I tried to remove the problems that it detected, it Blue Screened me and I had to restart. It still did not remove the things I needed removed though once it rebooted the system. What do I do?
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