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  1. I am, haven't solved the BSOD yet. My twins had swim lessons this week and work days were a little longer so I didn't have time to work with the machine. In Safe mode, the drivers load okay until this point: Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\disk.sys Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\avgbuniva.sys Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\avgbloga.sys Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\avgbidsha.sys Did not load driver @nettun.inf,%isatap.displayname%;Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Did not load driver @nettun.inf,%isatap.displayname%;Microsoft ISATAP
  2. I am able to access the original scan files on the other machine, I should have gone to that drive instead of c:\ on the functioning machine. Attached is the log that detected the malware eac603e0-65e4-11e7-bab3-000000000000.zip
  3. The other 2 scan results present in the zip file are for other HD's from the machine that I am using Malwarebytes from, link sent via PM
  4. The MBAM Service folder is 63 MB when zipped
  5. Malwarebytes scan results on the drive are attached MBytes-2017_0729.txt e10c4636-7488-11e7-b1f7-002170681d1b.zip
  6. Aura, GSmartControl did not appear to detect failure / imminent falure by the attached results. GSmartControl_report.txt
  7. I can check the hard drive from another pc. Is the FRST log in the initial post of any use for testing? I attempted a system restore but that was not successful.
  8. I am not able to locate any .dmp files in the above directory. I've attached a BSOD - I don't know that I have seen anything past the Initializing line. On a restart, no Hard Disk Drives are detected. When I wait more than 15 miuntes before attempting to boot, then the PC will detect the hard drive and boot. The other attachment is the directory listing of the C:\root drive. I think I started experiencing issues on 7/6.
  9. Aura, Thank you for offering to assist. I will follow the guidelines listed above. I attempted to retrieve the malwarebytes log but my machine did not stay up long enough for the log to export. At this time it will make into safe mode for 3-5 minutes before experiencing a BSOD. On the restart attempt, it won't detect the hard drive. After being turned off for some time, it will detect the hard drive and boot into safe mode for the 3-5 minute window. Is there something besides the log file that can be used? John
  10. I scanned my Win7 with Malwarebytes after it experienced issues. 3 generic Trojans were found& removed. Cleanup / restart took overnight to run. My PC starts now but I always get a BSOD about 5 minutes after startup, even in Safe Mode. I've downloaded FRST & run. It doesn't finish before the reboot, logs are attached. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations on next steps to recover. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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