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  1. It was in this order: 1. Web Protection stuck on disabled 2. Random Mbam Service crashes 3. I ran MBAM Clean 4. Reinstalled 5. 1 and 2 start again . EDIT: Nope, no files.
  2. I would, I guess I'll try, but I highly doubt it will fix it. I actually used MBAM clean to uninstall MBAM about a week ago after the MBAM service kept crashing and web protection disabling itself. After doing a clean reinstall, it just did the same thing. I have a suspicious feeling the problem is deeper than that. Maybe it's partly because Windows isn't activated? I'm trying to use an old Windows 10 Pro key I have, but it isn't working.
  3. MBAM continues do to this! I have no conflicting antivirus whatsoever, please help. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
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