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  1. I didn't know how to edit my previous post but I wanted to make this point clear. I reset/refreshed Windows.
  2. Wanted to make a final post on this. I think (not 100%) positive that it was fixed. I ended up doing a reset of my laptop. I think I just read what it was. It's tough. The article suggested the usual. Keeping my computer updated and running my malware software didn't stop it. I do that every single day. The article suggested an ad-blocker. I had a good ad-blocker and it didn't stop it. What I would do, absent a very good backup strategy is to encrypt your entire hard drive. I have some experience with this (not professional) but I also know I got lucky.
  3. I believe that I was "overthinking" this. I meant that I was not doing a complete "reinstall" of Windows just the reset that removes everything but your documents and pictures. I may have more troubles but I appreciate your help.
  4. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Malwarebytes 3.6.1 Hello, Malwarebytes Reports said a Trojan was blocked and removed by Malwarebytes on 12/13/019 (according to Malwarebytes Reports.) On 12/14/019 Malwarebytes reported that I had a Ransomware attack but that it had blocked it. Since that time my computer began to run very slowly but usable. On /1/14/019, I turned on my computer and it began operating very strangely. It tried to trick me by getting me to enter my Microsoft account password. I did not enter it. At this point, I think I have it contained bu
  5. Thank you for conveying that information. That is very helpful.😀
  6. Windows 10 Pro 1809, release 17763.195 MalwareBytes Premium 3.6.1 I have attached a screen clip of my reports screen to show my question. If I am reading the documentation correctly, this screen shows in reverse chronological order. If you notice on the right side, the dates and times start in reverse chronological order but if you look further down a couple are out of sequence. If you were to scroll further down the screen there are more that are out of sequence. I was wondering if this was a bug or am I mistaken. Thanks.
  7. Windows 10 Pro 1809, build 17763.195 Malwarebytes Premium 3.6.1 I believe I may have found an issue that happened in a very specific instance. It concerns the "Time Elapsed" shown when it is scanning. I will explain the scenario that happened to me. I turned my computer on and it got to the Windows screen to enter your PIN. I then decided that I would not sign on and clicked the power icon on the Windows PIN screen to shutdown. About 20 minutes later I came back and logged into Windows. When I looked, Malwarebytes was scanning but the Time Elapsed showed 20 minutes. Technic
  8. I just received your first newsletter in my email (September, Issue #1) whose main topic is cryptojacking. When I click on the "Keep Reading" my HTTPS Everywhere stopped me from going further. I'm attaching a clip that I got that may or may not show the problem. Thank you.
  9. Another thing I have noticed is that Dell keeps nagging me to run their SupportAssist program. That's not happened before. It's usually just sat out there. I accidentally ran an uninstall program to uninstall it. It DID have an export function so I exported it. Next time it shows up I'll follow your 3rd instruction below (which was what I needed to do) SmartByte Drivers and Services.txt
  10. Hi Ron, thanks for the reply. I had done everything you listed except exporting it to a text file and #3. I tried deleted it again and so far it hasn't come back. If it doesn't come back by this afternoon I'll come back here and close this thread. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello, Windosws 10 Pro, Up-to-date on Updates. I saw Smartbyte Diagnostic by Rivet Networks show up on my Windows Menu for the first time on menu today. It was at the top where newly installed program are normally located. I uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs and did a search in the registry for anything that said Rivet in it I also deleted a RivetNetworks folder via Windows Explorer which was in the Program Data folder.. I saw on another site that Microsoft has a program that you can use to clean up left over things that programs leave behind but you have to download it. I
  12. In the context of an anti-malware program in today's world, It is more than an annoying problem. Somewhere they are scrambling to find that leak. I can assure you.
  13. This is a serious bug. I was reading an article (informative) about Ransomware yesterday published by Malwarebytes. At the same time, they have a memory leak. There is a true possibility of a lawsuit. I'm going to stop Malwarebytes and run something else until they fix it. It will keep happening until a patch is issued.
  14. It's a memory leak but I've been having my computer crash for a long time. I thought about a memory leak but I use browser most of the time and knew it probably wasn't that. Never thought about Malwarebytes. Actually, this is a serious issue. They know it.
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