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  1. Oh, man, thanks so much for the reply! I've had nothing else blocked so far (apart from good ol' phone Skype.exe, ahaha), and running scans reveals nothing, so I'll just continue on as usual and remain cautious of anything suspicious. I really appreciate the helpfulness, thank you!
  2. Hello! Sorry, I figured this was the most appropriate part of the forum to ask this in, and I have no idea about this sort of stuff, so I was wondering... Can anyone tell me if malicious websites can try to access your computer when you're browsing Google Images? And I mean just browsing by scrolling down and enlarging Google Images itself, not directly accessing the actual image links or websites they're on. Malwarebytes Premium blocked a domain called 'error.fc2' twice (both at the same time) and I was looking for an image at the time - all my other tabs are sites that I trust, and had been open for a very long time, so my only explanation was that perhaps one of the images I'd enlarged was on some sketchy website that could try to access users through Google Images. I've never seen this appear before now, nothing strange appeared on my screen, and running a scan revealed no threats. I ask so that I can be more wary of what I look at in the future. In saying that, if Malwarebytes ended up blocking it in the first place, nothing would have got through to my computer, right? Thank you to anyone for any answers or assistance, and sorry for the noob-ish/paranoid questions, ahaha.
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