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  1. Just read the MalwarebytesFPPlan-EndpointProtection.pdf that was sent to techbench accounts. Bravo for coming up with a clear plan to move forward from this. I'm sticking with you!
  2. I just finished... Doing remote access when possible and driving to effected businesses to reboot. Word to the wise: small businesses with out cloud access, rdp, remote access (because the affected system doesn't have enough ram to function) need to reboot the affected system. Don't wait. My last stop had 3 computers with the problem and they where hot boxes. You see some people with nic and ram problems, thats why. You need to protect your hardware because of this issue. I applaud mbam for the quick fix but it's not a total fix as someone may have to physically be at the system to reboot it. Good luck to you.
  3. Me too, my remotes are non-responsive meaning I have to drive out to remote sites. NIGHTMARE.
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