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  1. okay, running a safemode rootkit scan, taking forever. should it scan files also? no hits after 3 hours but it froze initially, picked up where it left off when I restarts the laptop...normal? kill or complete? I'll just let it run until it finishes.
  2. The last two versions have acted a bit strange.. One. human-initiated scan works up to a point then my Lenovo T61 [Win7 Pro, Firefox, pretty vanilla] gazinta Sleep mode. Consistently. Can wake it up for a second and a half, insufficient time to pause/cancel the scan so bruteforce shutdown is required*.. BUT I just looked and, gee, the (automagic) scan report sez nothing found. Ehh??!! Have performed CLEAN & install of 3.5. Same deal. Hmm can't seem to enable. Web Protection in the premium trial? Two, related issue with my LG K20. Additionally, some of you may? have Android smartphones and perhaps your default email is AOL. Well... long emails from Support have formatted sections, when they get to be a certain length REPLYing to them results in a SEND FAILURE and they wind up in the Outbox. Never knew I had one until now.... attempts to RESEND also go nowhere but seem to have actually been Sent. Thanks. * ...DFIGABH... don't force it, get a bigger hammer.
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