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  1. okay, running a safemode rootkit scan, taking forever. should it scan files also? no hits after 3 hours but it froze initially, picked up where it left off when I restarts the laptop...normal? kill or complete? I'll just let it run until it finishes.
  2. Uhh hmmm well if scan freezes or gazinta sleep mode the logs are pretty well toast, yes? so that sounds like a non-starter.. ps how do I suppress the "enter your text/ hold CTL & right click..." popup? thanks. having a confab later today, will create a game plan & advise. do you have / is there an actual person / department for curating forum topics & fixes? so they're aggregated, classified, annotated, published? just curious.
  3. Yer welcome re hyphens...it's a umm thing with me. I recommend "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves", is very entertaining. Things changed slightly... now the laptop (also) freezes entirely while checking files ==> reboot. Still gazinta SLEEP sometimes. Ditto. Not seeing anything obvious in EVENTS log. Gotta be some kind of memory / access exception happening??. -Scheduled- scans appear to work OK but I can't confirm that. The various logs (services etc) aren't informative, MBST takes forEVER to obtain / upload whatever it goes after, with internet access (dis-)connect popups occurring while it's running. Disconcerting. Don't want to run MB on my g/f's machines... Considered running the special version of Anti-Rootkit (mentioned in a related post) but not comfortable with Recovery stuff there... is there an alternative? There are multiple forum entries re sleep-mode issues with prior versions. 'Tis a puzzlement. Oh, premium trial ended I believe. Perhaps the issue / problem has to do with that version? Did I mention I also use AVAST! ? No issues / conflicts prior to now... Thanks.
  4. ouch, did not see a REPLY email for this somehow???!!...will try these, thanks....
  5. Devin, thanks for responding but alas, no, s'not an issue with the sleep/power parms, they're all NEVER. . And why can't Web Protection be enabled in the premium trial? I coulda sworn it was on prior to the latest install... (things that make you go "hmmmmmmm"). S'more here than meets the old eyeball. Check my emails to you guys for more info. Oops just looked, Web Protection's on...now.....weird.... thanks...terry Misc/errata/typos ...popup when you mouseover the MB icon needs hyphens, should read Updates: up-to-date. otherwise it means something else. hyphens matter!!
  6. OK here's the (old) logs...am leery of attempting to initiate a scan. Inneresting? point.. keep getting "No internet connection" / "Connection restored"...am sure something's lurking here.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. The last two versions have acted a bit strange.. One. human-initiated scan works up to a point then my Lenovo T61 [Win7 Pro, Firefox, pretty vanilla] gazinta Sleep mode. Consistently. Can wake it up for a second and a half, insufficient time to pause/cancel the scan so bruteforce shutdown is required*.. BUT I just looked and, gee, the (automagic) scan report sez nothing found. Ehh??!! Have performed CLEAN & install of 3.5. Same deal. Hmm can't seem to enable. Web Protection in the premium trial? Two, related issue with my LG K20. Additionally, some of you may? have Android smartphones and perhaps your default email is AOL. Well... long emails from Support have formatted sections, when they get to be a certain length REPLYing to them results in a SEND FAILURE and they wind up in the Outbox. Never knew I had one until now.... attempts to RESEND also go nowhere but seem to have actually been Sent. Thanks. * ...DFIGABH... don't force it, get a bigger hammer.
  8. Following on the heels of older reports of MBAM causing 'freezes', my laptop started snoozing after downloading the latest release... Initially, though it's a trial version of the premium flavor, 'Malware Protection" is disabled and cannot be switched on. After several un-/reinstalls the behavior hasn't changed: a few moments into a scan 'sleep' mode is entered; wake-up lasts only long enough to flash the screen before reverting to 'sleep'. ....of interest is that the AVAST! service seems to unexpectedly get STOPped lately, but prior to downloading MBAM. The 'cure' seems to be.shut down and..don't use MBAM. No, have not got to run it in SAFE mode yet but I shall and will report on that. Meanwhile I may have a previous version I can use...maybe. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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