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  1. well now.... it has over heated like 5 times since i have started messaging you again today.... anyway.... just now it shut down and when i turned it back on it sais "scanning and repairing drive" sooo yeah
  2. and to be quite honest with you... after the last time we spoke before i took any action the problem had kind of gone away the thinking symbol stopped blinking and it was running great... i shut it down everyone night... and it was working fine so i didnt do anything.... i restarted my comp yesterday and it started up again... so i decided to do what you listed and it has not stopped since.
  3. i had deleted AVG completely once i realised the problem a long time ago
  4. yes this topic... so as we speak at the moment i am running another FRST it just finished i post it on here.\ Those are the new scan after i had fixed what we talked about FRST 2.txt Addition 2.txt Shortcut 2.txt
  5. really wow...... see im just SOOOOOOOOOO not the person to be doing this im like VIRUS VIRUS VIRUS it would make sense that thats the problem since the initial problem hit when i "optimized" my pc from AVG and it did a bunch of stuff to my video card since i play wow and its been shitty ever since..... hmmm alright ill look into. thanks
  6. sooooooo also have had this on my computer for awhile now since before the troubles..... i dont know if its any help or use... Dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  7. this is the reply port to MBAR about the FRST logs..... port both on here FRST registry.txt Addition.txt
  8. something else id like to report about it... been trying to do SAFEE MODE WITH NETWORK and run a scan and everytime the scan is about to finish the computer JUST HAPPENS to shut down..... I REALLY NEED HELP
  9. I am on a different laptop so i dont harm my infected computer any further.... I REALLY REALLY need help. I asked microsoft guy and he wont help me because i have to pay $150 for his service. Anyway... I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING I COULD FIND TO HELP... i have ran MULTIPLE DIFFERENT SCANS in safe mode not in safe mode everything windows defender offline optimization things thinking maybe its just a ruined file... anyway NOTHING CAN BE FOUND however i have hella SVC.exe on my tsk manager SO I KNOW its a virus... what can i do???? i dont watch porn i dont download anything.... i literally ONLY run Wo
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