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  1. I was looking into PC performance improvement software and was looking at PC Matic specifically. However, after reviewing several topics in the forum and considering the fact that the PC Matic folks never responding when I asked them a pre-sales question, I decided against them. I'm pretty sure the Malwarebytes does not have such software and does not plan on developing it in the future. Is there a suggestion on a source for PC improvement software that coexists well with Malwarebytes. I am happy with Malwarebytes and am not looking for a PC improvement software that also checks for malware, etc. thanks Mike
  2. I needed to send a document by FAX and don't have a landline. So I went to faxbetter.com and got a toll free fax number. However, to keep that number I had to agree to download a chrome extension. I set up an exclusion for faxbetter.com, but am getting threats with this string of characters: MONHIBMPAIOOEIJGNPCOONDNMJLHCHG. Can anyone make sense of this alphabet soup and should I be concerned about faxbetter.com? thanks Mike
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