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  1. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Running anti-rootkit against Yelloader Rootkit that ive beenv trying to get rid of for almost 2 weeks on my Win10 GO Stream Laptop. I have tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to try to get rid of it! It's been running for over 3 1/2-4 hours, Malware found as of 7am 3604!!! Stuck on heavily infected file and Now it's not responding! Its been that way for over 2-2 1/2 hours. CPU running at 100% THE SINCE BEFORE STARTING the scan!!!!!! COMP over heating Intel dynamic platform and thermal frame work utility esif_assist_64 running high CPU as well as MWB Anti rootkit rundll32 windows defender System and compressed memory ntoskrnl...service hosts for Dcom Server Process launcher , local service, local system, Network Restricted, network service, no impersonation, no network, peer network, Bluetooth, ... and the Yelloader programs i know of ntuserlitlist svcvmx and vmxclient (seems like their numbers are multiplying...). Destroyed my back ups dlls and registry, made multiple copies of My OS shuffled between both my C and D drives, ate all my memory, took admin rights, cut network in safe boot mode, running through my local services like a madman, cuts internet programs and access regularly, cant run restore reset or clean win10 install... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS THING ASAP BEFORE MY LAPTOP FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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