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  1. I've been seeing the same thing and it came on suddenly, probably around 1700UT. MB is placing the blame on svchost.exe of all things. Anyone else?
  2. I just applied a scorched earth fix to my problem which will suffice until I figure out the real cause: I manually made a list of all the dozens of audio books in my 'music' directory on the Nexus and then killed them in groups and replaced them using File Explorer over the USB. Everything went over properly and everything is visible to FS, Android, and Double Twist Player which I use to listen to the books. That will do for now. Thanks to everyone who put up with my problems and complaints.
  3. Yes. I, too, have been using File Explorer for this for this exact job for many years -- certainly since I first bought my original Nexus S and before that for managing a real old-school MP3 player. It worked perfectly up until it didn't. I'm totally baffled but I may have to find some sort of workaround eventually. Maybe I'll try it from my Linux notebook just for grins since it uses SAMBA and might look more like Android. ========== AFTER A SHORT DELAY ========== OK, I just, as we used to say, "pulled my head out" and did some testing. First, on another Windows machine without MalwareBytes protection: same symptoms. Second, on my Linux notebook: same symptoms. I guess that I have proved that I was crying wolf over a disastrous coincidence. I see no way now that my upgrading of MalwareBytes could be causing my problem. And given that it is identical accessing from two different OSs on three different machines using different cables, etc, that leaves the phone as the logical culprit. Sorry for distracting everyone. If I ever figure it out I'll try to remember to post about the culprit.
  4. Yes. Things are slightly different with the 'pure' Android 6.0.1 on my Nexus -- it automatically goes into 'charge' mode when connected to the USB but from there press the 'usb for charging' notification and tell it to reconnect for file transfer too and at that time a new Windows Explorer window appears actually showing the phone's storage. In any case I have been doing tests in the 'file transfer' mode. One curious thing is that those apparently missing files are all or mostly in the 'music' directory. And if I copy a new file into that directory it does appear and can be manipulated normally.
  5. Yes, I did all that was suggested. I have also rebooted everything that could be rebooted - computer, phone, router/switch -- and verified that all firmware on all devices is current. Actually the rebooting was done two or three times for sake of thoroughness.
  6. Did as directed. Same results -- 'music' (actually audio book) files are invisible from the Windows machine via USB although they are actually there on the Nexus 5. Some more strangeness though: if I copy a new file from the Windows machine over USB to the phone it is visible (playable and erasable too) from the Windows side sitting there on the Windows Explorer screen all by itself. I am mystified... I guess I could simply erase all of the 'music' files on the Nexus and then copy them anew from the Windows side but that sounds like a PITA and only to be contemplated as a last resort -- there are a lot of books and files involved. Maybe this is not actually a MalwareBytes problem but the coincidence just seemed to be to great to be ignored.
  7. Just upgraded to paid version yesterday. Now I find that I cannot see various files on my Nexus 5 Android phone when I connect via USB. This is how I transfer and manage music files and such and it has always worked perfectly in the past. It might be a coincidence but it seems just too suspicious to be such. Oh, and the files are actually there if I look at the phone's contents through its file manager -- they just don't show up anymore when I'm looking with File Explorer on W10-64.
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