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  1. Hi! I can not articulate very good enough the fear that grips you when your machine is infected. I guess I had a nasty case of addware infection that wouldn't let MB3 function and it was slowly hijacked avast and windows defender. I started getting BSODs. I went through various trusted online resources and ran the various steps as directed but I think each case is bit unique in terms of inherent vulnerabilities. Without much hope I posted in MB3 forum as a last resort after seeing someone having similar issues getting it resolved. My case was taken over by Aura, and in first reply it
  2. DelFix log Thank you for all the tips Aura. You've been a great support. I'll definitely write a feedback post and do the things as recommended in your post. You may close this down now.
  3. Okay then. Thanks for all the help Aura. I am very grateful for the support I received despite being tardy from time to time. Is there a way I can help or support you or your work in any way? You may close this thread.
  4. Hi! I am back again. I ran WinDirStat. Here is what I found
  5. One final part - during this whole exercise my C drive has become bloated, I ran routine maintenance tasks but it didn't free up much disk space. How do I go about it?
  6. uninstalling spybot seems to have solved the problem. Than you for all the help Aura.
  7. done it but problem is till there. Shall I uninstall spybot?
  8. Well, but I never ever installed it in first place to begin with and then which one to choose from myriad of choices on that page?
  9. Thanks Aura for reopening this thread. So, I could manage to get this snap from my phone while my surface3 was restarting. I am not sure if the same message flashes every time but it has been constantly present after all steps you had walk me through.
  10. Hi! My apologies for delayed response, I have been traveling all day. So finally when the end is in sight I seem to have goofed up. I replace my account name all logs with my forum handle. Did I have to change to execute your commands through fixlist.txt, because I did not do it. Predictably there was again same bitdefender error at the reboot. Strangely FRST.exe which I had previously downloaded just a couple of days back refused to work and I had to download it afresh before I could execute it. What do I do now?
  11. More detection and clean-up action but bitdefender error box is still showing up at the time of rebooting. AdwCleaner JRT Alsol, during running JRT there was this error message saying restore point failed -
  12. Thank you again Aura, I could finally run Malwarebytes today. It made a boatload of detection today. However, I think the problem is still lingering somewhere. I rebooted twice, once after MBAR scan and once after MB3 scan both the times bitdefender error-box flashed transiently before I could read further or do something about it and chrome tabs continue to flash randomly. Anyways here are the logs -
  13. Hello Aura, I thank you for the response and clearly establishing the "rules of engagement". I could not reply sooner because it was night in this part of world and then I have my day job to deal with as well. I will follow your instructions this evening and post a log. I hope to find a solution soon and your post somehow fills me with confidence.
  14. Hello! I am sorry to dig up this old thread, but I am also facing the same error message. I tried to uninstall MB3 with an intention to reinstall, since it stopped working. These issues surfaced after multiple malwares were detected by MB3 and are continuously being detected by windows defender. I have had problems with blue screen and I am not able to install any antivirus. I tried spybot, it made few more malware and trojan detections in addition to other low level threats. However I had to revert the purge, except for the trojan and malwares since i begun to get bitdefender error.
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