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  1. The feature update 2004 fails at 91% on reboot. It happens in a PE situation, so how can any windows program interfere with the update?
  2. I already downloaded the MB repair tool. After the repair my system had to reboot. Once back in Windows, the icon was back in the systray. And also another application I was having trouble with was also fixed. LOL. I'll try to attach the log file. But thanks for the reply, and willingness to help. mbst-fix-results.txt
  3. Up until recently, the MB icon was loaded in the system tray with every boot-up of Win10x64. But just recently it has stopped putting the icon there. The option to have this load in the ST is grayed out and can't be turned on. Any idea why this is happening, and what I can do about it?
  4. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1 and I can no longer find scan types like I used to. The Scan tab only shows "Scan" And "Scan Schedule". Is there any way to get the scan type page back? Thanks.
  5. Then it is now my preferred setup as well. And I admire their ability to draw such a fine line between an actual AV, and an AV "replacement". Thanks very much for your input.
  6. I recently bought Malwarebytes 3 Premium for both my PCs. Before this I just used Windows Defender on both Windows 10 x64 machines. Is is ok for both programs to run at the same time. When I installed Malwarebytes I expected Windows Defender to be replaced by MB. But it seems both programs are running normally together. Is this supposed to happen?
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