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  1. Purchased and installed malwarebytes six weeks ago. Since then, I have been having network issues every day. It has gotten to the point where I may have to uninstall because it is too annoying to continue with this. The issue is slow DHCP. Whenever I unhibernate my laptop, it will take several minutes to connect to the wireless network. It used to take a few seconds before MB. If I click on the network icon in the tool tray while the "busy circle" is spinning over the network ic, it states that the proxy is not responding. I assume MB has installed a transparent proxy - my network does not require nor use one. Other times (several times per week), the DHCP simply times out and a red X appears over the network icon. I then have to manually connect to my access point by clicking on the toolbar icon and select my network SID. And then it takes another several minutes to connect. My system: - Windows 7 Pro, SP1 - Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2 Attached is the mb-check log. Thanks, -Mark mb-check-results.zip
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