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  1. I rebooted this morning, logged on to windows, and got the same blank desktop. It took about 1 minute, the CMD screen flashed by and the desktop reappeared. I left the machine running some hours, no changes. I have rebooted, the desktop does mount. I would like to know why the desktop picture and icons with explorer ribbon or command tray, all are not visible. Is there a process still running from Awdcleaner? Can there be an indication of needing to wait while a process completes? It gives me less confidence in the products. Will this happen again? Log file attache
  2. @Telos Thanks I will search there and repost if necessary. @fr33tux Thanks for headsup about log file, I will copy to my repost in forum director @Telos suggests.
  3. I ran Adwcleaner. There were 41 issues. I accepted the recommendation for cleaning and rebooted. Windows mounts and I log on with my password, but the desktop does not appear. I ran task manager to get CMD. I can see my folders are still there and so are the WINDOWS directory, but the desktop does not appear. The mouse icon is the only thing that displays. I searched the forum, and found something similar for a WIN 8 OS but I have WIN 7 professional. It may take me a bit to turnaround responses.
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