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  1. Hello all, I have an app on my Lava Iris 88s (non-camera phone for work) and this POS has never received an update from day one out of the box. As such, I have continuous security breaches with items very difficult to remove. The last time I had to factory reset which worked for the previous infection. This time, the reset did not work so I'm going to have to go digging. Any pro's out there available to help? NONE of the virus or malware scanners detect anything, including MBAM. Eset did manage to find it and delete it once for a few days, only to have it return. I've tried about a dozen scanners since. No dice. Any help would be appreciated. May just have to put this infection-prone piece of trash lava phone out of its misery. Lava Iris 88s Android 8.1.0 Star OS Version Lite V1.0 Android Security Patch Level May 5th, 2018 !!!! Culprit app that keeps re-appearing: FileManager Version (and it grows in size exponentially) Thanks guys
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