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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum and am in need of some dire help. In the past two years my wife and I have been the victim of harassment thru our phones. As we are not tech savvy people it too this long before we even knew this was going on using spyware. I believe kit to be the people that live directly above me in the apartment building that I currently reside in. My reasons for this belief are a discussion for another day. Every thing you could imagine that a person could undergo with another person invading their privacy, I think we've been thru it. The reading mms ,sms, emails, deleting apps, freezing the phone up , intercepting phone calls, not allowing certain calls or messages to get thru for days on end or even at all. I have called the police several times and nothing can be done without concrete proof. When we try to show them the proof we do have it is of no consequence because they treat us like we have mental issues. I am reaching out because I need help,advice and peace of mind. So I figure why not ask people that know exactly what I've been going thru. Even if you just read this and pass it on to friend that you feel could help. Please ladies and gentlemen this is my life and I'd appreciate responses from serious minded individuals. Thanks for your time Fruquan McDaniel
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